Omnicom OCC Ltd with the Faculty of Creative Industries and Business of Unitec Institute of Technology, and the Unitec Falkenstein Trust are collaborating to radically change Business teaching & learning in New Zealand. Initial financial support and international research interest were confirmed in mid March 2011.

The partners share the belief that the future economic success of New Zealand depends on increasing the quality and quantity of business people in New Zealand. They are aware that public education is failing to produce people skilled at collaborating in enterprise. It’s failing produce people well able to bring their particular strengths and passions together to collaboratively, dramatically exceed their creative and productive possibilities as individuals.

The Omnicom OCC/Unitec collaboration together with its maverick teacher associates is seizing the opportunity of the current radical revision of the New Zealand high school Business curriculum to achieve deep, widespread change; to develop and support leaders of the change.

The challenge is to spread the experience of radically different ways of managing learning that will bring this new curriculum to life. That’s not only about making room for teachers to experience new ways, and then enact them. It’s also a matter of addressing the typically conventional assessment models and other education management systems and processes that control teachers and the way they control their students.

The collaboration’s purpose is to achieve such a transformation in a radically different way. Its first project, a pilot weekend-intensive workshop with follow-through coaching for a diverse range of invited participants, is booked for early May 2011. Although the collaboration’s focus is initially local, the hope and plan, if the pilot is successful is to go national, and eventually international.

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